Quality Assurance

We at TerraNet pay attention to customer needs and smallest details to provide the highest quality network, connectivity services and Internet solutions that ensure our value and advance your success. We firmly believe that your satisfaction and success are the parameters by which we measure our success. 

ISO 9001:2015

Consumers, as well as business partners, can benefit from a professional approach: they know that TerraNet is operating in accordance with the International Organization of Standardization. TerraNet was the first and only Internet Service Provider to be awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification. TerraNet’s international quality standards and customer-oriented policies have rewarded the company with high satisfaction marks and helped TerraNet leap forward to the forefront of Internet companies and become the fastest growing Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Lebanon. 

Customer satisfaction is in the balance

TerraNet has established one of the most highly respected customer support programs in the industry. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is included into every part of the company and in everything we do. We continuously listen to our customers to develop better products and services that satisfy their real needs. 
To ensure customer support, TerraNet has developed two highly regarded customer support services: 

Customer Care 
Provides around the clock (24 hours/7 days) quality support to TerraNet clients 
Operated and supervised by well-trained support professionals 

Network Operations Center - NOC 
Provides high quality corporate and network support. 
Operated and supervised by engineers and professional network support technicians 
Provides continuous around the clock support: 24 hours / 7 days. For critical network support issues, the NOC requests the services of TerraNet's highly trained CCNP and CCNA network engineers. 


Quality Network Management
TerraNet continually strives to enhance existing services and introduce new advanced services. Most critical issues surrounding the quality of existing services are network optimization, management, and support. 

TerraNet's network management and support include: 
TerraNet's Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) provides reliable local connectivity. 
Installed Multiple Points of Presence (POP) covering most of the Beirut area.

NOC provides proactive monitoring and support. 

  • Redundancy setup in order to achieve continuous and maximum operation. 
  • Redundancy established for network, equipment, and services. 
  • Redundant core routers, route switches and power supplies. 

Wide-ranging network management 

  •      Layer II and Layer III network management. 
  •      Complete graphical view of the network. 
  •      Extensive monitoring of all network switches and services. 
  •      Remote network management allows comprehensive service provisioning, testing, and upgrading to be performed. 

Complete network bandwidth monitoring:
Most important network parameters are polled and graphed every five minutes.