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Wigo TerraSmart 3G

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about Wigo service. For any further query, call us on 1293

You can buy Wigo units and refill cards from our points of sales.

You can use the WIGO UNIT anywhere within our area of coverage.

No, The Unit comes with a built in Battery.

The Battery lasts for about 2 hours.

By placing the unit near windows or balcony. In this case we recommend using the unit along with a wireless router that provides wireless home network so you don’t have to always sit in one place when using the internet.

Only PCMCIA units come with an External Antenna.

No, it's wireless and doesn't need a phone line.

Sure, PCMCIA+3G router provides wireless home network which enables you to use more than 1 PC or laptop at the same time. As for Ethernet unit, we recommend using it with a wireless router.

Through wireless router. Please contact Customer Care for more details.

You can upgrade or downgrade your service plan by simply buying the refill of the service that you wish to use.

For technical support please contact Customer Care Department at 1293.

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