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Wigo TerraSmart 3G

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WIGO is currently available in main regions, exact coverage can vary:

Aley & Suburbs
Baabda & Coastal Baabda
Dahieh & Suburbs
Dohat Aramoun
Metn & Coastal Metn
Metn North
Saida & Suburbs

Tyr, Bourg el chamali, Ain baal el hoch, El bazourieh, Deir kanoun, Al abassieh, Al bourglieh, Hanaweh.

Area Street Expected coverage level
Ain Baal El Hoch Kamal Salhab Street Very Good
Ain Baal El Hoch Assad Ahmad Watfa Street Very Good
Ain Baal El Hoch El Imama Mousa El Sader Street Very Good
Ain Baal El Hoch Zein Ali Bassma Street Very Good
Al Abassieh Al Abassieh Facing Tyr Good
Al Bourglieh Al Bourglieh Facing Tyr Good
Bourg El Chamali Bourg El Chamali Very Good
Bourg El Chamali Refugee Camp Very Good
Deir Kanoun Deir Kanoun Ras El Ain Facing Tyr Good
El Bazourieh El Bazourieh Facing Tyr Good
Hanaweh Hanaweh Facing Tyr Good
Hoch Houch Excellent
Hoch Ain Baal Very Good
Hoch Hanawe Medium Facing Tyr
Hoch Bazourieh Medium Facing Tyr
Hoch Abasieh Medium Facing Tyr
Hoch Deir Kanoun Medium Facing Tyr
Tyr Saydet El Bihar Very Good
Tyr Al Awkaf Very Good
Tyr Bachour Excellent
Tyr Jaafar Charaf L Dine Excellent
Tyr Senegal Excellent
Tyr Hiram Excellent
Tyr Abou Deib Excellent
Tyr Mouhamad El Zayat Excellent
Tyr Al Koudos Excellent
Tyr Hafez El Assad Excellent
Tyr Elisar Excellent
Tyr Dr Ali El Khalil Excellent
Tyr El Istiraha Very Good
Tyr Jabal Amel Very Good
Tyr Jal El Baher Medium
Tyr El Rachidieh Medium
Tyr El Bass Very Good
Tyr Maachouk Very Good
Tyr Bourj El Chemaly Excellent
Tyr Chabriha Very Good
Tyr Moutraniet El Roum El Catholic Very Good
Tyr Saint Touma Churche Very Good
Tyr Elias Charabini Square Very Good
Tyr Awkaff Square Very Good
Tyr Al Said Jaafar Charaf El Dine Street Very Good
Tyr Isalamik University Street Very Good
Tyr Nabih Beri Street Very Good
Tyr Europ Street Very Good
Tyr Al Chohada Square Very Good
Tyr Al Chouhada Street Very Good
Tyr Hafez El Assad Street Very Good
Tyr El Bass Square Very Good
Tyr Rest House Very Good
Tyr Rachid Karameh Square Very Good
Tyr Spinneys Street Very Good
Tyr Jabal AamilHospital Street Very Good
Tyr Chamsin Street Very Good
Tyr Lebano Italian Hospital Street Very Good

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