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Wigo TerraSmart 3G

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WIGO is currently available in main regions, exact coverage can vary:

Aley & Suburbs
Baabda & Coastal Baabda
Dahieh & Suburbs
Dohat Aramoun
Metn & Coastal Metn
Metn North
Saida & Suburbs

Major included areas: Safra, Oquabeh, Halat, Mastita, Blat, Fidar, Old City and Kartboun.

Area Street Expected coverage level
safra near safra marina good
safra near saint george church facing the north meduim
safra the costle line facing the north good
oquabeh near lebanon cable facing the north meduim
oquabeh the sea road no signal
oquabeh near the fruit and vegetable market good
halat the sea road (halat sur mer) very good
halat near saint goerge church good
halat near sanita factory good
fidar the sea road very good
fidar the old town above the highway very good
mastita R.principale very good
mastita R.Al charbini very good
mastita R. station abi hanna very good
kartboun R. principale et la place very good
kartboun R. ecole officielle very good
jbeil Blat very good
jbeil R. eglise Mar Abda Vers LAU very good
jbeil R. club Blat very good
jbeil Mar Youssef Hay Mar Youssef very good
jbeil R. ecole Mar Youssef very good
jbeil Mar GERGES R. eglise Mar GERGES very good
jbeil R. Mar GERGES el Fawka very good
jbeil R. Mesfat jbeil very good
jbeil R.Saint Martine hospitel very good
jbeil the old city very good

TerraNet is the Only ISP in
Lebanon to be awarded the ISO
9001:2015 certification
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