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Wigo TerraSmart 3G

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CPE Features

In normal operation, indicate current signal strength
IMPORTANT – since the received signal is reflected, it is not unusual for the signal strength to vary during operation
Since the equipment operates by reflections, so the user should try to rotate it 360 degrees, and not always towards the window to get a better signal
The CPE has a directional antenna located at the other side of the “TerraNet” logo
When looking for a signal, The CPE should be rotated very slowly, especially in some areas that are not well covered.
LEDs also indicate when a signal is not present or when a base station is not allowing access to the airlink

Note that when viewed from the logo side of the CPE, the LED pattern is from right to left

Blinking all 5 LEDs:

No connection between the Ethernet card in the PC and the CPE
The CPE will blink rapidly when power is applied but the PC is shutdown or disconnected

LEDs Scanning:

Scanning (chasing) - when the LEDs illuminate in order from the first to the last
This is an indication that the CPE cannot detect an airlink signal
The CPE is scanning all airlink channels for a suitable signal
Try the CPE in another location

Terrasmart Registration:

When a user first connects through a CPE he will be directed to PESCO’s web page.
User should click on the Terranet link from which he bought a prepaid card.
He will then be redirected to Terranet web page
After a successful registration, the user should unplug the CPE from power then plug it again.

Choosing a Location

Optimal location is near outside window
CPE can be pointed toward outside window
Do not place in location that can get wet
• Users may need to try 3 or 4 locations within their building
• PC does not need to be connected in order to test locations

Types of Connections

Can be used in a single-user or multi-user environment
Ensure the proper cable is connected to the CPE based on the connected device
Connections to hubs and switches are supported
Important – when using in a multi-user environment, the bandwidth available for the CPE is shared among all users
• TerraNet controls the maximum number of hosts attached to a CPE


Find that the Terrasmart only works if automatic IP adress is obtained


TerraNet is the Only ISP in
Lebanon to be awarded the ISO
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