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Wigo TerraSmart 3G

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about TerraSmart service. For any further query, call us on 1293

1.Standard Ethernet Network Interface Card installed in your computer
2.TerraSmart Wireless Unit

You can easily apply for the TerraSmart by completing the online application form http://corp.terra.net.lb/Dial-Up/Terrasmart/Form.asp or by contacting the Customer Care Department at 1293 After applying for the service, you will be contacted by TerraNet to complete the application process

All Major cities and suburbs in Lebanon are covered. Please check our coverage map for specific areas.


Any transaction through this service is as secure as any transmission over cable or wire. For customers requiring increased security contact us for tailored solutions.

TerraSmart service allows customers to use Wireless Broadband anywhere TerraSmart coverage is available.

TerraSmart is excellent for people who don't have landline telephone to use DSL or for people who rent, share accommodation or want broadband in different locations. Now they can access high-Speed internet without a phone line or a cable connection.

Your service will be operational by the time you buy TerraSmart Wireless Unit which can be activated instantly by following the step by step installation guide. If you have any difficulty our Customer Care Engineers are available to assist you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week @ 1293.

You should be able to receive access almost anywhere within the coverage area. If the signal is low try moving the unit closer to a window. You can also try rotating the unit until you get the best signal quality.

Try moving your 'TerraSmart Wireless Unit' to different locations. Sometimes coverage can be influenced by thick walls. If you are still not able to receive a signal you can return the Unit within 2 days from the date of purchase and get your money back.

No, there is no minimum contract period. You buy a prepaid TerraSmart card that provides you with one month access from the day of activation of the card. When the month expires, you may decide not to renew the service, or buy another TerraSmart plan to renew your service. All TerraSmart plans come without fixed term contracts, so you are not tied to a lengthy commitment. Note that the TerraSmart wireless unit is non-refundable.

Absolutely. You may use TerraSmart for as many computers using a Wireless router. However, the speed will be shared and traffic from all computers will count against your quota.

You can do that by accessing http://account.terra.net.lb, and entering your username and password. You can manage your TerraSmart account from this web site, the same way you manage your TerraNet dialup account.

TerraNet is the Only ISP in
Lebanon to be awarded the ISO
9001:2015 certification
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