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Windows Me - Dialup Connection

To setup your dialup connection in Windows Me, follow these steps:
In My Computer, open the Control Panel and double click on Dialup Networking icon, then open Make New Connection.

The Make New Connection wizard will start.

In the field Type a name for the computer you are dialing: type "TerraNet" and click Next.

In Telephone number field type one of TerraNet access numbers. Do NOT put anything in the field Area code.

TerraNet Access Numbers are:
1666 (Flat Rate): for 56K users
1677 (Flat Rate): for regular users
1688 (Flat Rate): for regular users
01363323 (Regular Rate): for 56K users
01373772 (Regular Rate): for regular users

To disable call waiting, type in "*70," before the access number. if your local phone line is an old pulse dialing mode, add "p" before the access number.
If you need to dial an extension to get an outside line, add the number "9," or "81," or "82," before the access number. Please check with your IT personnel in your office to get the extension for outside line for your PBX.
Note: Dashes (-) and spaces are not required at all.

Now in the final step click Finish.

In Dial-Up Netowrking, right click on the new Terranet icon and click on Properties.

In General tab, uncheck Use area code and Dialing Properties.

Click on Server Types tab and make sure that Enable software compression and TCP/IP are the only checked. Click on OK.

Now click on Security tab and type your username and your password in the correspondent fields. Note that the password is case sensitive. Leave the Domain field empty and the other options untouched. Click on OK to close the TerraNet properties window.

Now double click on the TerraNet connection, make sure your username, your password and TerraNet access number are correct. Click on Connect button to login. You can create a shortcut on your desktop by right clicking on the icon and clicking Create Shortcut

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