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Macintosh OS 8.1 and above - Dialup Connection

If you purchased a Macintosh with Mac OS 8.1 or higher, you will be using the Internet Setup Assistant to get your TerraNet internet connection running. To begin the process, click on click on Apple() menu => Internet Access => Internet Setup Assistant, and follow these steps:

First, you will be asked if you would like to setup an Internet connection. Click Yes to begin.

Internet Access

Next, you will be asked if you already have an Internet account. Choose Yes.

Do you have an Internet account?

The next window will inform you as to what information you will need to provide the setup assistance. Click on the right arrow button to continue.


You will now be asked to name the connection. Go ahead and name this connection TerraNet. You are also asked what connection method you will be using to get onto the Internet. Choose Modem. Click on the right arrow button.

Configuration name and connection type

The next step is configuring the Modem Settings. You will need to select the Modem that you are using, the port it is using, and what type of phone service you have (i.e. Tone or Pulse). If you are unsure as to what modem you have, leave the selection as it is or consult your computer or modem documentation. Never check "Ignore dial Tone". Click on the right arrow.

Modem Settings

Next, you will need to supply the TerraNet dial-up access phone number:
TerraNet Access Numbers are:
1666 (Flat Rate): for 56K users
1677 (Flat Rate): for regular users
1688 (Flat Rate): for regular users
01363323 (Regular Rate): for 56K users
01373772 (Regular Rate): for regular users

Make sure you also type your provided username and password in the correspondent fields. Remember that your password is case sensitive. Click on the right arrow.

Configuration Information

Some ISPs supply a connection script when logging in. TerraNet does not. Click on No and then click on the right arrow button.

PPP Connect Scripts

When asked if you are assigned an IP address, click on No and then click on the right arrow button.

IP Address

In the next window, Domain Name Servers, you will be asked to put in TerraNet DNS as well as our domain name. Enter this information in the appropriate fields and click on the right arrow button. In the Domain Name Servers field, enter:

In the Domain Name field, enter:

Domain Name Servers

You will now be prompted to type in your Email Address, Email Password, and a character that will be used in your emails for quoted information. Usually your email address is your username followed by"@terra.net.lb". Enter this information and click on the right arrow button.

E-mail address and password

In the next step, you will need to enter information regarding the email servers. For the incoming mail server, enter your username followed by @pop.terra.net.lb. Also enter the outgoing mail server as smtp.terra.net.lb and click on the right arrow button.

E-mail account and host computer

You will then be prompted to enter the NNTP (News Server) for the Internet connection. Type in news.terra.net.lb and then click on the right arrow button.

Newsgroup Host Computer

On the next window you will be asked if your Internet connection uses a proxy server. Put a mark next to No and then click on the right arrow button.

Proxy Servers

You have completed the setup! To save the information you have entered, click on the Go Ahead button.

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