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Macintosh OS X - Dialup Connection

To configure Mac OS X 10.2 for dialup connection to TerraNet, follow these steps:

Select System Preferences from the Apple(), menu:

selecting System Preferences

Click theNetwork icon at the top of the System Preferences panel. SelectInternal Modem from theConfigure menu. Select theTCP/IP tab, and selectUsing PPP from the secondConfigure menu. In theDomain Name Servers field, enter:

In the Search Domains field, enter:

Network Configuration - TCP/IP

Click the PPP tab:
Enter TerraNet for the Service Provider.
In the Telephone Number box, type one of TerraNet access numbers.

TerraNet Access Numbers are:
1666 (Flat Rate): for 56K users
1677 (Flat Rate): for regular users
1688 (Flat Rate): for regular users
01363323 (Regular Rate): for 56K users
01373772 (Regular Rate): for regular users

To disable call waiting, type in "*70," before the access number. if your local phone line is an old pulse dialing mode, add "p" before the access number.
If you need to dial an extension to get an outside line, add the number "9," or "81," or "82," before the access number. Please check with your IT personnel in your office to get the extension for outside line for your PBX.
Note: Dashes (-) and spaces are not required at all.

You can enter another number for TerraNet into the Alternate Number box.
Enter your TerraNet username into the Account Name box, and your password into the Password box. Please remember that your password is case sensitive.
You can out a check mark next to Save password so that you don't have to type your password every time you want to connect to TerraNet.

Network Configuration - PPP

Now click thePPP Options... button. You may set the top five checkboxes (inSession Options) according to your personal preferences; the selections shown below are typical for the average system. In the Advanced Options section, you must check the checkboxesSend PPP echo packets and Use TCP header compression.

ClickOK when you are finished with this page.

PPP Options

Click theModem tab. Select your modem from the pull downModem menu; most Macs with bundled modems will use theApple Internal 56K Modem (v.90) selection. TheSound,Dialing andWait for dial tone checkboxes may be left at their defaults as shown below. Note: If your phone system uses Rotary (Pulse) dialing, change the option the Dialing to Pulse

Network Configuration - Modem

You are now finished with the System Preferences panel. ClickSave to save your settings, and selectQuit from theSystem Prefs menu to close the System Preferences panel.

Now that your network settings are complete, open your hard disk (Macintosh HD) and theApplications folder:

Macintosh HD Icon

Applications Icon

Locate the icon calledInternet Connect and double-click to open it.

Internet Connect Icon

All the fields in the Internet Connect window should be pre-configured to TerraNet with the items you specified in the previous section. Click theConnect button to proceed.

Internal Modem Connect Screen

The Connect button will become aCancel button, and Mac OS X will display the dialing status.

You may leave the Internet Connect window open, or close it while you work. When finished, click theDisconnect button or shut down the computer to disconnect from TerraNet and hang up the telephone line.

To speed up the connection process, you may wish to drag the Internet Connect icon to your OS X Dock so that you can quickly open it in the future.

OS X Dock showing the Internet Connect Icon

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