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Macintosh OS 7.6 and above - Dialup Connection

If you are running on Mac OS 7.6 or above, you will be using Remote Access or PPP. The best way to setup Remote Access is to run through the Internet Setup Assistant. If you have already run through the Internet Setup Assistant and are having problems connecting, please look below for configuration assistance.
To configure Mac OS 7.6 or above for dialup connection to TerraNet, follow these steps:

To access your PPP- Remote Access preferences, click on Apple(), menu, Control Panel, and then Remote Access or PPP. You will need to enter your username, password, and phone number. Please remember that your password is case sensitive. Then click on the Options button.

TerraNet Access Numbers are:
1666 (Flat Rate): for 56K users
1677 (Flat Rate): for regular users
1688 (Flat Rate): for regular users
01363323 (Regular Rate): for 56K users
01373772 (Regular Rate): for regular users

PPP- Remote Access

On the Redialing tab you can specify the number of redialing attempts. Then click on the Connection tab.

Options - Redialing

On this window, make sure that "Use verbose logging" is not checked. You can specify the amount of idle time before you get disconnected. Next, click on the Protocol tab.

Options - Connection

Make sure that you have PPP selected in the filed Use protocol. Also make sure the first three boxes are checked and that "connect to a command line host" is not selected.

Options - Protocol

You will also need to modify your TCP/ IP Settings. To access the settings, click Apple, menu, Control Panel, and then TCP/ IP. Select PPP under connect via filed, and Using PPP Server in the Configure field. In the Domain Name Servers field, enter:

In the Search Domains field, enter:


Now close the window and save it. You are now ready to dial TerraNet from Remote Access

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