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On Thursday, January 30th, 2003, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications has announced that it will slash its Internet dial-up connection prices starting February 1st, 2003. The Internet access will cost you lower phone bills with the new flat rate on dial-up. To benefit from these new rates, all you need to do is dial one of TerraNet's 4-Digit dial-up numbers.

Each month, your phone bill will be charged a flat rate fee for connecting to our new 4-digit dial-up numbers. Depending on the number of hours that you used during the month,the flat rate will be determined. The following table lists the monthly usage brackets and their flat fees.
* Less than 1 Hour : Regular usage of 49 L.L/minute
* 1 Hour to 15 Hours: 750 L.L/Hour
* 16 Hours to 300 Hours: 500 L.L/Hour for additional hours in the range
Note: the first 15 hours is charged 15*750=11250
* More than 300 Hours: Previous charge for usage of up to 300 hours + Regular rate for extra time beyond 300 hours
Note: 150.000L.L + regular usage for additional traffic

No, Ogero is not providing Internet access through Dialup. It is only providing the new rate for the phone bill when you use the Internet.

Yes, you will still need to buy TerraNet Internet refill cards to connect to the Internet.

Yes, this service is available for you on your existing fixed line and you don't need to apply to benefit from it. All you need to do is dial 1 of TerraNet's 4-Digit dial-up numbers.

Your Internet Monthly flat rate will appear separately on your phone bill at the end of each month, depending on the hour bracket used.

Different phone lines have different phone bills even if you were using the same TerraNet account to connect to the Internet. Therefore, whenever you dial TerraNet's 4-Digit numbers for more than 1hour, the new Internet flat rate bill will be charged per phone line, corresponding to the hour bracket used on that specific line.

TerraNet's 4-Digit dial-up numbers are:
56K Access: 1666
Regular Access: 1677 or 1688

If you dial the 4-Digit numbers for less than 1 hour a month, you will be charged at the regular phone call rate of L.L.49 per minute. Therefore, for the new Internet flat rate charge to be valid, you should stay connected to TerraNet's 4-Digit numbers for more than 1 hour per month.

If you don't dial the new 4-Digit dial-up numbers, your phone bill will be charged at the regular call rate of L.L.49/minute. You will not benefit from the low flat rate.

You don't need to put any area code numbers in front of the 4-Digit numbers if you are dialing from outside Beirut. The 4-Digit numbers don't require any area code numbers.

Yes, you can still use TerraNet's old 6-Digit Numbers, yet if you use them, you won't be able to benefit from the new Internet flat rate offer. Your phone bill corresponding to your Internet usage will still be billed according to the regular rate per minute.

The new Internet Line is a new service that will be offered by OGERO. You can only buy the Internet Line if you have an existing phone line. This line could only dial 4-Digit numbers or receive phone calls. Its installation costs L.L.50,000 and its subscription fee is L.L.5,000 per month. This line is important for those who don't wish to keep their fixed line number busy while connecting to the Internet. You would still need to buy TerraNet refills and connect to TerraNet when you buy the Internet line.

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