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Download Speed 2Mbps
Total Down & Up Traffic 100GB
All packages are subject to feasibility study and the copper phone line quality
Additional volume: 1GB = 1000 MB = $1

Startup + Installation + Modem fees All prices are subject to VAT.

   Modem, Ethernet & USB
   Subnet of 8 Public IPs
   Total $450

HDSL still uses the telephone connection through a modem, but it instead delivers high speed service to your premises.

HDSL's digital capabilities instantly connect your computer to the Internet without keeping your phone line busy.

  Copy of Identification Card
  Copy of Last Telephone Bill
  Filled DSL Application Form Click here
  Filled TerraNet Delegation Form click here
  Filled Automatic Payment Form: Bank click here

In case applicant is not the owner of the telephone line, the following Document is also required:
  Notarized Delegation from Telephone line owner to Applicant
  Copy of Identification Card

In case of business, the following documents are also required:
  Copy of Company's Commercial Circular
  Notarized Delegation from Company to Applicant

TerraNet is the Only ISP in
Lebanon to be awarded the ISO
9001:2015 certification
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