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DSL Installation Instructions

DSL is fairly simple to set up on your computer. Here are the basic instructions on how to connect your computer to the Internet with a DSL modem. Please note that the modem you receive from Terranet is pre-configured and ready to go - you don't need to do any setup.

Equipment Required

1. DSL modem
If you get a modem from Terranet, it will be pre-configured and ready to go.
If you already have your own DSL modem, please follow the instructions that came with it.
2. power supply for modem
3. ethernet cable
4. modem cable
5. phone line splitter

Installation Instructions

1. Install filters on all phones that will be on the same phone line as the DSL modem.
o If you want your computer and your phone to share the same phone line jack, you need to use the line splitter. Plug the splitter into the wall jack, then plug a line filter into one outlet of the splitter, and the modem cable into the other one. Then plug your regular phone into the line filter.
o You must ensure that all analog telephone devices (telephones, faxes, answering machines, home security systems, etc) are filtered with a phone line filter.
o Do not install a phone filter on the DSL modem -- that prevents the modem from working.

2. Plug the power supply for the modem into a standard wall outlet.
o It's strongly advised that you protect your modem from power spikes and brownouts by using a backup power supply or surge-protected power bar (available from your local computer store).

3. Plug the power cord into the back of the modem (the hole is labeled 15VAC).

How to make sure everything is going fine by watching the LED lights on the modem

1- First turn on your modem
2- Start watching the LED lights
3- Wait till the BROADBAND LED start blinking, it should start blinking slowly then go faster and then become a stable light
4- Once the BROADBAND LED become stable INTERNET LED must light RED for a while and then turns to GREEN light

When these steps complete it means that everything is going fine and you can start using your DSL connection.

How to connect to your modem
1. Connect locally ( Ethernet Cable)

1. Plug the Ethernet cable (the yellow cable) into the yellow jack on the modem. (Both ends of the cable are the same, so either end will do.)

2. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet jack on your computer (it is the one that looks like a phone jack but is wider).

o If your computer doesn't have an Ethernet port, any computer store can install one.

3. Plug one end of the modem cable (the grey cable) into the grey jack on the modem (it is labeled DSL).

4. Plug the other end of the modem cable into your phone jack.
o Do not install a phone filter on the DSL modem -- that prevents the modem from working.
o If you have a power bar or backup power supply that also has a phone line protection jack, your modem will not work if
you plug it into that phone line jack -- you must use a regular phone jack.

5. Turn on the modem by pressing in the switch on the back. Within a minute or two, at least two lights on the modem (power and DSL) should come on. The Internet light may or may not light up before you start your computer.

6. Turn on your computer. Once your computer is ready, you can start surfing

2. Connect wirelessly (WIfi)

1. Ensure your Wireless hardware is configured and powered up before starting.

2. Click the wireless icon on the task bar.


4. A list of networks will appear.

5. Select your Wireless network name from the list then click Connect.

6. Click Connect using a security key instead.

7. Enter your Wireless Key, as found on the label on the underside of your Thomson router. (Upper Case)

8. Once entered click OK.

9. Your machine will now connect to your wireless network.

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