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DSL EXPRESS is a new DSL FULL package from TerraNet, it's a time saving product.
You can get it from TerraNet's point of sales and you can start tracking your application process from home.

It's easy, Try IT!

How to apply for DSL

In order to apply for DSL please follow the below easy steps
1- Required Documents
Prepare the required documents (copy of your last land line bill & and copy of the land line owner's ID).
2- DSL Application
Fill out the DSL application form (TerraNet DSL application, General Information, Ogero Terms and Conditions & delegation form) and sign them all.
3- Payment method
If you choose "tawteen"(Automatic Bank Withdrawal) your monthly payment method, you need to send the bank debit form to your bank to be signed and certified then add it to your application.
4- Submitting the application
Put all the documents in the postage paid envelope(included in the package). Seal it, and put it in any LibanPost mail box or at any branch (Free).
Bring the application to our main offices in Beirut.
5- Tracking your DSL application
To track your application visit Tracking page
Enter your tracking and land line numbers.
Note: you can start tracking your application after 3-4 days from date of submission.
6- Installation
We will contact you when your DSL line is ready, then you can refer to the installation guide to install your modem and start using the internet.

Technical guides

1- Plug the power supply for the modem into a standard wall outlet.
  • It's strongly advised that you protect your modem from power spikes and brownouts by using a backup power supply or surge-protected power bar (available from your local computer store).
2- Plug the power cord into the back of the modem
3- Connect the Ethernet cable (the yellow cable) into one of the yellow jacks on the modem. (Both ends of the cable are the same, so either end will do.)
4- Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet jack on your computer (it is the one that looks like a phone jack but is wider).
5- Connect one end of the phone cable (the grey cable) into the grey jack on the modem (it is labeled DSL).
6- Connect the other end of the phone cable into your phone jack.
  • Do not install a phone filter on the DSL modem -- that prevents the modem from working.
  • If you have a power bar or backup power supply that also has a phone line protection jack, your modem will not work if you plug it into that phone line jack -- you must use a regular phone jack.
7- Turn on the modem by pressing in the switch on the back. Within a minute or two, at least three lights on the modem (power, broadband, and Internet) should light on.
8- Connecting your phones through filters/splitters: (see the figure below)
A. Unplug the telephone or fax machine from the phone jack
B. Plug the DSL filter into the phone jack.
C. Plug the telephone or fax machine into the open port on the DSL filter. (In case you're using splitter use the phone socket only)
Repeat these steps for every regular telephone in your house. All jacks used for voice communication need a filter.

If you want to use a single wall jack for DSL traffic and for voice calls, you can use a splitter to convert one wall jack into two jacks.
9- Launch your default browser and try to go to any website, you should get the following page:
10- Now contact Customer Care Department at 1293 or 01-565250 to configure your DSL modem.

List of items

1- Thomson modem TG585 V7 (WIFI)
1- Thomson modem ST536 V6 (USB&E)
2- Ethernet cable
3- Telephone cable
4- Power supply
5- 1 splitter
6- Installation CD driver
7- DSL application
8- LibanPost Stamped envelope
9- User guide
10- Warranty card

DSL Product Info & Warranty Card

Thank you for choosing TerraNet DSL, enjoy your maintenance service by TerraNet for 6 months.
This equipment has been thoroughly tested before shipment. Purchased from an authorized dealer, it is guaranteed against any defects of material and workmanship from the date of purchase for 6 months. Under this limited warranty we will replace or repair any part(s) which have been found to be defective in original material or workmanship. This limited warranty foes not cover damages caused by abuse or mishandling, fire, flood, or other causes beyond our control. Nor it is effective where persons other than the authorized engineers have attempted repair or modifications. This product is enclosed with safety and installation guides.

TerraNet is the Only ISP in
Lebanon to be awarded the ISO
9001:2015 certification
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