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Residential Packages All price are subject to VAT.

Download Speed
(Up to)
4Mbps 4Mbps Open Speed Open Speed Open Speed Open Speed
Traffic *
50GB 100GB 70GB 120GB 170GB 220GB
Unlimited Night Traffic No Yes No No No No
* Traffic is shared between Upload and Download

All packages are subject to feasibility study and the copper phone line quality
Additional volume: 1GB = 1000 MB = $1

Unlimited Packages

Download Speed (Up to) 2Mbps 3Mbps
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited

HARDWARE All price are subject to VAT.

  Modem, Ethernet & USB $40
  DSL Modem $69
  Wifi Filter $2
  Splitter $2

Copy of Identification Card
Copy of Last Telephone Bill
Filled DSL Application Form Click here
Filled TerraNet Delegation Form Click here
Filled Automatic Payment Form: Bank Click here

In case applicant is not the owner of the telephone line, the following Document is also required:
Notarized Delegation from Telephone line owner to Applicant
Copy of Identification Card

In case of business, the following documents are also required:
Copy of Company's Commercial Circular
Notarized Delegation from Company to Applicant

TerraNet is the Only ISP in
Lebanon to be awarded the ISO
9001:2015 certification
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