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ISDN Dial-Up

A Digital Dialup Service

A regular telephone service (also called Plain Old Telephone Service: POTS) is an analog type of service in its last mile between the Central Office and your home. Because of that, the maximum speed that this service can attain is 56K, offered by TerraNet's 56K dialup service.

ISDN is a technology that allows having a fully digital connection at your home or office. The last mile between the Central Office and your premises will be digital.

Basic Rate Interface (BRI)

The BRI ISDN service is a pipe of two data channels (also called B channels). Each channel consists of 64Kbps. Either one or both channels can be used for Internet connection for a total of 128K dialup service. This dialup service is digital, so speed is not affected by line quality or modem type; you will always get 64K per B channel. Per minute charges for an ISDN line are the same as those of a regular analog telephone line.

Voice Data Integration

ISDN permits simultaneous integration of voice and Internet data calls. In other words, you can have an open Internet connection and at the same time still receive regular phone calls. This is facilitated by the two B channels. If you are only using one B channel for your Internet dialup connection, the other B channel is free, allowing you to receive regular telephone calls at your home or office. Obviously if you are using both B channels for your Internet connection, you cannot use your phone until you disconnect or free one B channel. If someone calls you while you are using both channels, he will receive a busy tone.

What do I need?

In order to use the ISDN service you need the following:
  1. You need to order a BRI ISDN service from Ogero. You should be able to order this service from regular Ogero Points of Sale (POS) within a short period.
  2. You need a special ISDN terminal adapter (also called ISDN modem) which is available from TerraNet.
  3. You need to call TerraNet sales department to enable your account for ISDN access. TerraNet sales department can be reached at 01-577 511.

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