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How to connect:
To set up a full-time dedicated Internet connection you can use one of the following three types of local connections, depending on your location:

Line from Ogero
Availability of an analog leased line is dependent on the availability of a nearby TerraNet Point of Presence (POP).

Digital Leased Line from Ogero
Availability of a digital leased line is dependent on Ogero network availability

Microwave Circuit from one of the licensed microwave providers in the country
Availability of a microwave circuit is dependent on the existence of a line of sight between the customer's roof and the microwave provider's relay hub

All three connection types are reliable solutions. Call TerraNet's Corporate Sales Department at 01-577 511 and a sales executive will schedule an appointment with you to discuss the details of your requirements and decide which connection method best suits your needs

Required Equipment:
The equipment required to run a dedicated Internet connection differs depending on the choice of local connection you make. TerraNet's sales executives will guide you in choosing the needed equipment that best matches your requirements.

A Brief List of Required Equipment
For all types of connections a basic IP router is needed.
A basic Cisco router is highly recommended, but other types of routers could also be used.
A cable is necessary to connect the router to the local connection equipment.

For an Analog Leased Line , you need a single Network Termination Unit (NTU) that connects the router to the leased line. NTU is a specialized high-speed modem; several NTU models are available depending on the speed you request.

For a Digital Leased Line , you will need up to four Network Termination Units (NTU) depending on your location and the speed you request.

For a Microwave Connection , no additional equipment is needed. The microwave provider leases the microwave termination equipment including the antenna..

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