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Windows XP - Dialup Connection

To setup your dialup connection in Windows XP, follow these steps:

In the Control Panel, click the Network and Internet Connections option, then choose Network Connections. Note: If the Control Panel is in Classic View, double click the Network Connections icon.

Click the File menu and choose New Connection to start the New Connection Wizard. Click Next on the first screen.

Select Connect to the Internet and click Next.

Select Set up my connection manually and click Next.

Select Connect using a dial-up modem. Click the Next button.

In the ISP Name field, enter TerraNet as the name for your connection. Click Next.

Enter one of TerraNet access numbers into the Phone Number field. Click Next.
TerraNet Access Numbers are:
1666 (Flat Rate): for 56K users
1677 (Flat Rate): for regular users
1688 (Flat Rate): for regular users
01363323 (Regular Rate): for 56K users
01373772 (Regular Rate): for regular users

To disable call waiting, type in "*70," before the access number. if your local phone line is an old pulse dialing mode, add "p" before the access number.
If you need to dial an extension to get an outside line, add the number "9," or "81," or "82," before the access number. Please check with your IT personnel in your office to get the extension for outside line for your PBX.
Note: Dashes (-) and spaces are not required at all.

Enter the following information, and click Next.
  • In the Username field, enter your dialup username.
  • Enter your password into the Password field, then reenter it into the Confirm password field. Note: your password is case sensitive.
  • Keep all of the three options checked as they are.

Check the box next to Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop to put a shortcut for TerraNet connection on your desktop. Click Finish.

Now double click on the TerraNet shortcut on your desktop and press dial to login.

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