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I-FLY is the first Wimax network in Lebanon

I-FLY is a New Portable Broadband Internet Service that offers you a great Wireless Internet experience both at home and on the move (Anywhere with iFLY coverage).

I-FLY Features:

High speed internet for download and upload
Easy to Install
No phone lines. No cables
Unlimited download between 12:00 AM and 06:00 AM
Free email account @terra.net.lb
Can be used wherever the service is covered
Hotline Support 24h/24h - 7 days a week


Download Speed
(Up to)
256k 512k 1Mb 2Mb
Upload Speed
(Up to)
64k 128K 256K 512K
(Shared between
Upload and Download)
5GB/30days (Shared between
Upload and Download)
8GB/30days (Shared between
Upload and Download)
12GB/30days (Shared between
Upload and Download)
18GB/30days (Shared between
Upload and Download)
Unlimited Night Traffic 12am to 6am 12am to 6am 12am to 6am 12am to 6am
All above prices are subject to 10% VAT

ACCESSORIES All prices are subject to VAT.
 Desktop Modem (Ethernet) $155 + VAT
 USB Dongle $100 + VAT


Plan 1
Plan 2
Plan 3
Plan 4
Free e-mail addresses 1 1 1 1
Mail Filter (Anti-Spam,
Included Included Included Included
Parental Control Supported Supported Supported Supported

TerraNet is the Only ISP in
Lebanon to be awarded the ISO
9001:2008 certification
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