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 Senior System Administrator Ref.SSA042016

Educational Background:
Engineering degree with minimum 7 years of experience in Computer Systems Administration.

Work experience:
 Extensive experience in VMware technology including installation, configuration, administration, integration.
 Good experience in NAS, SAN, DAS storage, especially EMC VNX and HP storages.
 Good understanding and experience in applications and services behind the internet including DNS, Web Hosting Platform, Mail System, Email Filtering, Radius.
 Good experience in the different types of Databases on windows and Linux (MSSQL, MYSQL, LDAP).
 Extensive experience in administration of Windows, Sun, and Linux systems.
 Good experience in IBM and HP Blades including installation and administration.
 Good knowledge of TCP/IP and IP Routing.

Job Description:
 Deploy, maintain health and sanity of all UNIX servers (Solaris and Linux) and all WINDOWS servers (2000, 2003, 2008, 2012).
 Deploy, maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot storage networks (NAS, SAN, DAS ).
 Maintain health and sanity of Win2000/2003/2008 services: domain servers, directory services, clustering.
 Deploy, monitor the health and sanity of all services including Radius, DNS (Linux and Microsoft), Email and others on UNIX, SUN, Linux and WINDOWS servers.
 Deploy, configure and maintain Anti-Virus and Email-Filters solutions.
 Configure, maintain Web hosting platform.
 Maintain, troubleshoot, and assure the integrity, the efficiency and performance of different types of databases on Windows and UNIX (MSSQL, MYSQL, MARiADB and LDAP).
 Design, implementation, testing and deployment of VMware and Hyper-V infrastructure.
 Installation, configuration and administration: VMware VSphere, ESX, ESXi.
 Creating, installing, configuring and maintaining the virtual machines, installing guest operating systems like windows and Linux.
 Migration physical servers to virtual servers using VMware technology or third party solution.
 Creating, configuring and maintaining clustering in VMWare; configuring High availability (HA).
 Integrating VMware ESX with EMC VNX Fiber, HP SAS, iSCSI environments.
 Configuring V-motion and Virtualcenter Infrastructure for VMware ESX with EMC VNX Environment.
 Installation, implementation and administration of EMC Clariion CX3 and VNX.
 Performing storage operations Such as: LUN management, RAID groups...
 Good knowledge in Fiber Channel data switching, SAS data switching, iSCSi data Switching Protocols.
 Monitoring existing storage environment like capacity planning, fiber switches usage, storage availability and Disk usage.
 Maintain a disaster recovery plan for critical VMs and application data.
 Installation, configuration and administration of IBM and HP Servers: Blades and Rack Mounted.
 Plan and anticipate growth requirements in terms of hardware, software, licenses, or other devices.
 Maintain and enhance hosting services on Windows, Linux, UNIX.
 Recommend and plan schemes for server security.
 Plan and supervise a backup scheme for all data. Familiar with Software Backup Solutions such as: CA Brightstore, Acronis, Veeam…
 Install, Configure, and Maintain Software monitoring and alerting tools.

Please send your CV to jobs@terra.net.lb with the correspondent reference number.

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